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As the owner and chief inspector of McNichol Home Inspections, I take my responsibility to my clients’ seriously. I specialize in water testing for residential, commercial, and industrial clients in Stony Point, NY, and other areas in the Hudson Valley. Since private wells are not regulated, it is important to have the water tested before you make a commitment about a property.

Well water may contain contaminants that are harmful to health. Water testing is the only way to confirm the drinking water is safe. Generally, the water’s smell, color, or taste does not tip you off about its quality. The timing and frequency of water tests depends on various factors, such as the water source, plumbing changes, contamination, and the occurrence of illness.

Water testing charges are included in the water bill of public water supply customers. However, private well owners must directly pay for water testing. EPA encourages well water testing in the interest of consumer safety.

The EPA has also established mandatory regulations about drinking water contaminants to protect water users. These enforceable standards set maximum allowable amounts for contaminants present in drinking water. The maximum contaminant levels, or MCLs, permitted by EPA regulations establish a standard for water testing samples.

One of these contaminants is radon, a radioactive gas and a known carcinogen that can also enter buildings through well water. I am a trained and certified radon inspector. If you use well water or another private water source, my water testing service can provide valuable information about the quality of your water. I can perform water tests with a general home inspection, or separately as a standalone service.

My water testing services can identify water quality problems and help you avoid long term health issues caused by contaminated water.

Call me to ask how the water testing services of McNichol Home Inspections for Stony Point, NY, and Hudson Valley properties can help you.

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