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McNichol Home Inspections offers professional termite inspection and other wood destroying insect detection services. For your peace of mind, I recommend a termite inspection before you make a decision about buying property in Stony Point, NY or anywhere else in the Hudson Valley.

Termites pose the biggest wood destroying pest problem in the country. Some sources estimate more than $2 billion is spent annually to prevent or control termite infestations. In the Northeast, subterranean termites pose the biggest problem. They usually live underground, but they can move above ground to cause structural damage.

Termites live together in a nest or colony near a food source. The termite queen lays thousands of eggs. As a termite colony grows, termite workers expand their feeding area. As the foraging area of a mature colony expands, the colony splits up to form multiple nests. Typically, wood destroying insects hide inside the wood. Visible damage from termite activity often results after years of hidden activity.

It is better to be safe than sorry by asking for a termite inspection as termites can be destructive. Without periodic termite inspections, termite problems could remain undetected. Signs of their presence may appear unexpectedly, or be discovered by chance or during renovations. Mud tubes and flying termites are clear indications of a termite problem.

The termite inspection I perform for clients of McNichol Home Inspections will search for signs of termites and termite-related damage and will include a detailed report. Treatment for termite control is recommended if there are any signs of termite activity.

Avoid a costly surprise by asking McNichol Home Inspections to perform a termite inspection for your Stony Point, NY, or other Hudson Valley property.

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